Friday, December 7, 2018

A tale of the cracked laptop screen

A couple of days ago, when arriving at my apartment, I took my MacBook Pro out of my bag only to discover that the screen got broken. Cause: a stuck pen between the screen and the keyboard. Level of damage: very high, level of desperation: even higher.

The next morning, I approached the nearest Apple store to my place. GPS coordinates dictated: Apple Store Covent Garden.

I have been many times in an Apple Store before, but every new Apple store is always like the first time. The recently renovated store combines the modern style of Apple (spiral glass staircases, brown leather upholstered benches, giant television screens) with the classic architectural 19th-century building features, the exposed brick and the archways.

But probably what it takes to live the Apple experience is its customer service approach. There is no doubt Apple has mastered this formula, they not only sell their products but engage with its customers with very effective communication, building relationships and delivering the experience.

When arriving in the store ‘an Apple expert’ immediately approach to me with a warm welcome and a smile. I explained the problem and the ‘expert’ told me to way for five minutes, and after that, the same person took me to the third level where they will be receiving my laptop for examination. The process was quite simple, they examined the device carefully and then explained process of repairing, possible risks, timing and cost. Also, they listen to every question I made and respond in a clear, easy way.  Before you agree to the service, they make sure you understand and are comfortable with all the process. My laptop would be ready in the time-lapse of 4 days: ‘but maybe you might receive a call sooner’ the expert explained.

The next day I received an email from Apple, my laptop was ready to collect. Five minutes later, I received a call from Jack, (the Apple expert) giving me similar news. An hour later Jack received me in the store and invited me to take a seat and wait in the store’s central atrium and enjoy a music performance happening at that moment while he brings the laptop.

Carmine Gallo, the writer contributor of Forbes, describes Apple’s Customer Service formula as follows:

A: Approach customers with a personalised, warm welcome
P: Probe politely to understand the customer’s needs
P: Present a solution for the customer to take home today
L: Listen for and resolve issues or concerns
E: End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return

Apple certainly trains its employees on how to engage and to make feeling special to each of their customers, by delivering a unique and personalised experience. The communication is not based on what they want to sell but on building relationships with the customers and meeting their needs and desires, making the whole process and enjoyable experience.

Reference list:
How the Apple Store Creates Irresistible Customer Experiences

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