Thursday, September 30, 2010


Fashion has no time | La moda no tiene tiempo

Some details of the illustration | Detalles de la ilustración

Vector version | Imagen base en vectores

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


In the atmosphere of the night...

This illustration is one of the twelve drawings, that are included in the illustration book journal I developed. All the details in the previous post.
En la atmósfera de la noche...

Esta ilustración es una de las doce que están incluidas en la agenda de ilustraciones que realizé. Todos los detalles en el post anterior.


This is a personal project I developed for self-promotion.
This 80 pages journal, contains 12 black and white illustrations and two full color illustrations on the cover and in the back cover. Some illustrations where done specially for the book, (like the back cover illustration) the others are a selection of some works I have done some time before.
Hope you like it
Este es un proyecto personal que desarrollé con fines promocionales.
Esta pequeña agenda de 80 páginas, contiene 12 ilustraciones en blanco y negro y dos ilustraciones a full color para la tapa y contratapa. Algunas de las ilustraciones fueron hechas especialmente para ésta agenda (como la ilustración de la contratapa), el resto es una selección de algunos de los trabajos que he realizado anteriormente.
Espero les guste

Front cover illustration
Ilustración de la tapa

Back cover

This illustration is a modified one from the original. This illustration was conceived to be more provocative; a couple of women in an ethereal and romantic but at the same time, in an emotional strong scene. But, since I choose this one as cover illustration of my journal, I decided to make some changes. This journal was printed and distributed here in Dubai, UAE, and of course I had to consider some important issues here, like tradition, values, religion, and respect for the local culture. I didn't want my book journal to be censored, so my original women couple turned into a ballet dancers in a play. I feel good with the final version, more feminine and less crude from the original I guess, but I like that.
Here below the original version
Esta ilustración es una modificación del original. La idea del dibujo fue concebido para ser mas provocador; dos mujeres en una etérea y romántica, pero al mismo tiempo, emocionalmente fuerte escena. Pero, desde el momento en que elegí éste como dibujo para la tapa, decidí que tenía que hacer algunos cambios. Esta agenda fue impresa y distribuida en Dubai, Emiratos Arabes, y porsupuesto tenía que considerar algunos importantes factores aquí como las tradiciones, valores, la religión, y el respeto por la cultural local. Por supuesto no quería que mi pequeño libro fuera censurado, así que, mi original pareja de mujeres desnudas se convirtió en una pareja de danzarinas de ballet interprentando una obra. Más femenino, menos crudo con respecto del original, pero me gusta el resultado de la versión final.
Aqui la imagen del dibujo original

Some inside pages
Algunas páginas interiores

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Another MEGA toy I have customized, this is the "The Diva Revenger", and why the name? well she is "The Impassive Diva's" older sister and, since The Impassive Diva was kidnaped, (yes she was), she is here to take revenge and look for her captors to do justice.

Here some pictures of the creating process and the final product, Hope you enjoy it.


Aqui otro MEGA que diseñé hace algún tiempo ya, "La Diva Vengadora" , ¿el nombre?, ella es la hermana mayor de "The Impassive Diva" (me gusta como suena el nombre en inglés asi que mantengámoslo asi), y desde que ésta última fue secuestrada (léase robada), ella está aquí para tomar venganza e ir en busca de los captores de su hermana para hacer justicia.

Estas son algunas imágenes del proceso creativo y del producto final. Espero lo disfruten.

Detail in the arm
Detalle del brazo

War zone -
Zona de guerra

Detail of the axe -
Detalle del hacha

Detail of the the chest, fine black lines, and little cristals -
Detalle del pecho, finas lineas negras, y piedras de cristal.

Final piece
Pieza final

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MEGA TOY: The Impassive Diva borns

I have been delaying this post from a while, but finally here it is.
Here you will see one of the toys I've customizing lately. This amazing toy is MEGA, a white small vinyl doll created by the talented emirati toy designer Mohammed Abedin (Foo Dog), and all this started few time ago, when one hundred artist (included me) were invited to collaborate in this great massive event. Each artist got a brand new toy, and, like in a tridimensional white canvas each one has to elaborate their own design over it. The result was an impressive collection of 100 different toys, worked on different styles, and very different techniques.
The exhibition took place at Dubai Financial Center here in UAE. This was just the beginning of a series of events; toys were on tour, there were live painting exhibitions, painting for charity, and now, the MEGA painting and customization workshop is coming. Definitely a great initiative.

Here Foo Dog website with the full toy designed collection:

And here, some images of my design creation process:

Designing plan

White MEGA, ready to be painted

I decided to add some clothes, so I worked first on the design and making costume

All colors were worked with brushes and acrylics

Black lines, details and finishing were done with black markers

And... the final piece, "The Impassive Diva"

Detail of the back: I placed an arrow on her back to add some dramatic touch, this was done with wire metal and metal plates