Friday, April 16, 2010

MIND - Made in Dubai exhibition

March was an extraordinary month for arts here in Dubai, we had Art Dubai which hosted works from around 70 galleries from different parts of the world; every week openings exhibitions, concerts, dance... and MinD (Made in Dubai), an alternative arts festival in which I participated along with other 19 artists. In this time I produced an installation called "Beats", a kind of laboratory which experiments with feelings and human hearts.
Marzo fue un mes extraordinario aquí en Dubai, tuvimos Art Dubai una feria internacional artística que este año recibió a más de 70 galerías de diferentes partes del mundo, nuevas exposiciones cada semana, conciertos, danza.. y MinD ("Made in Dubai", "Hecho en Dubai"), festival alternativo artístico en el cual participé junto a otros 19 artistas. Esta vez desarrollé una instalación llamada "Beats" ("Latidos"), una especie de laboratorio en el cual se experimenta con los sentimientos y el corazón humano.

It is believed that inside the heart is where feelings lie, but the true is that all these electric impulses called “emotions” come from our brain, however, this work is not intended to deepen the actual physical function of the heart. So, taking as true that human heart is where feelings rest based on the fact that, all these emotions are perceived all around it, this space emerges as a possibility to fix or replace this, most of times, betrayer organ.

In spite of our will, anger, love, euphoria, sadness, ecstasy, melancholy, etc., make of humans their possessions. The ability to conceal these feelings is only privilege of some. The privileged use this in their favor while the others, discovered, become prey to their own weakness.
Aseptic, clinical, white and ready to be used for our requirements, in a white room, where anyone can select the one they think is the most appropriate for themselves, the white hearts are ready to be fulfilled, customized, according to us, to our own desires.
So do you need a new heart?

Here some images of the Opening night
Aquí algunas imágenes de la noche de la inauguración

MinD (Made in Dubai) is an ‘alternative’ art festival – Focusing on emerging talent living, working and producing art in Dubai, MinD provides visitors to Dubai an insight into the developing local art scene.

‘Alternative’ to the commercial art world present in Dubai, MinD will showcase experimental, site-specific works with an urban theme in a range of media from video installation to graphic art by talented artists working to create a creative community in Dubai.

Artwork will be displayed all around both of DUCTAC's buildings in random unconventional spots.

Featured artists include:

The Brown Monkeys - graphic artists extroadinaire
Rebecca Rendell - site specific installation
Liz Ramos-Prado - site specific installation
Sasan Saidi - site specific graphic installation
Donna Don - video installation
Elizabeth Monoian + Robert Ferry- video installation
Darwin Guevera - mixed media painting
Raju Alexis - photography
Toma Gabor - scuplture
J.R. Osborn + Katy Chang- installation/ performance art
Sarah Lahti - video installation
Rajaa Khalid - photography
Rashid Al Mulla - sculpture installation
Lantian Xie - video installation
Renata Giovanoni - sculpture installation
Michael Bray - sculpture installation
Jalal Abuthina - photography
Julia Townsend - site specific installation
Marcelo Lima - drawing installation
Hind Mezaina - photography
Karen Dias + Fathima Mohiuddin photography installation
Guillermo Munro installation