Tuesday, December 22, 2009

VEKTORIKA - Black and White issue

Vektorika has released its "Black & White" issue. This is the vector illustration I did for this 12th edition.
Vektorika acaba de lanzar su última edición, "Black & White". Aquí la ilustración vectorial que realizé para esta 12va publicación de la revista.

This illustration also, was the base for one of the artworks I'm presenting now at Dpict illustration exhibition.
Here the final one, no black anymore.
Este dibujo vectorial en blanco y negro fue base para una de las ilustraciones que actualmente estoy presentado en Dpict illustration exhibition.
Aquí el trabajo final.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DPICT - Illustration exhibition tomorrow!

Dpict features artworks by 14 talented illustrators living and working in Dubai.
Illustrators' work is everywhere - children's books, labels, logos, the media, but we don't nearly often enough acknowledge their talent or showcase their work exclusively.

At Dpict you will see and have a chance to buy their own personal artworks and appreciate the hidden talent living in this city.

We hope to see you at the opening where you willl get to meet the minds behind the world of illustration and watch them draw live.

See you there!

Artists are:

Sasan Saidi
Liz Ramos Prado
Guillermo Munro
Khalid Mezaina
Emma Pinkerton
Govinda Trazo
Luis Vasquez
Danesh Mohiuddin
Jacob Hernandes
Christopher James Howlett
German Fernandes Cantos
Mark Ganzon
Joanne Brooker
Maria Neschetna

Illustration may be the form of art that the majority of us are most familiar with. Many of our favourite children’s books are fondly remembered as much for the pictures as the words within them. We also see illustrations every day; in newspapers, on posters, even in instruction booklets. DPICT aims to bring a greater appreciation of this enduring and timeless discipline, through an exhibition that acknowledges and celebrates the talent of the many illustrators in the UAE.

Illustration brings words to life through visual representation, depicting reality in a recognisable form whilst delivering a clear and strong message. DPICT will explore this concept and will help to create a network among illustrators as they view each other’s work and initiate a dialogue about their common passion.


Some pages done before for EB 24|7 weekend edition

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Craving for perfection..

These are some of the work process stages. At first I was thrilled to keep the image just with gray, black and white. Then, inevitable, colors came till the last stage, which I felt overcoloured, so I decided to desaturate the image a little bit. Finish!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Esta línea de tiempo desplegada muestra las acciones tomadas por los países del GCC para afrontar las agitadas aguas del mar financiero en los últimos seis meses. Decidimos darle un enfoque en el cual las ilustraciones dejaran circular librementre la información a través de la doble página. Los pequeños personajes, sin mucho detalle, atraviesan dinámicamente las franjas que a su vez, están organizadas cromáticamente. Todo en aras de la claridad.

Monday, February 2, 2009