Sunday, August 1, 2010

MEGA TOY: The Impassive Diva borns

I have been delaying this post from a while, but finally here it is.
Here you will see one of the toys I've customizing lately. This amazing toy is MEGA, a white small vinyl doll created by the talented emirati toy designer Mohammed Abedin (Foo Dog), and all this started few time ago, when one hundred artist (included me) were invited to collaborate in this great massive event. Each artist got a brand new toy, and, like in a tridimensional white canvas each one has to elaborate their own design over it. The result was an impressive collection of 100 different toys, worked on different styles, and very different techniques.
The exhibition took place at Dubai Financial Center here in UAE. This was just the beginning of a series of events; toys were on tour, there were live painting exhibitions, painting for charity, and now, the MEGA painting and customization workshop is coming. Definitely a great initiative.

Here Foo Dog website with the full toy designed collection:

And here, some images of my design creation process:

Designing plan

White MEGA, ready to be painted

I decided to add some clothes, so I worked first on the design and making costume

All colors were worked with brushes and acrylics

Black lines, details and finishing were done with black markers

And... the final piece, "The Impassive Diva"

Detail of the back: I placed an arrow on her back to add some dramatic touch, this was done with wire metal and metal plates

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