Thursday, January 12, 2012


Past August was invited for Emirati local artist and curator Sumayyah Al Suwaidi to participate in the Ramadan Art Bazaar exhibition at Ghaf Art Gallery in Abu Dhabi, along with other talented local and expat artists.
I prepared a series of four artworks: drawings done over wood. Here below the first sketches and the final work. Images of the work process will come.


El pasado mes de Agosto fuí invitada por la artista y curadora Emirati Sumayyah Al Suwaidi para participar en la exhibición colectiva Ramadan Art Bazaar en la Galeria de Arte Ghaf en Abu Dhabi, junto a otros talentosos artistas locales y extranjeros.
Esta vez preparé una serie de 4 trabajos sobre madera. Aquí algunas imágenes de los primeros sketches y el trabajo final. 
Pronto subiré mas imágenes del proceso de trabajo.

The Juggler

The Ringmaster

The Fortune Teller

 The Magician


Rod MacGregor said...

These works in pencil/graphite are very inspiring..Congratulations!

ivanka k said...

Beautiful drawings you have here ;)!


Thank you guys for the comments!

Indigene said...

Absolutely stunning! Have you ever checked out:

You may enjoy it!

Lisa Friebel said...

Hi Liz, these are beautiful drawings. I would love to know the process of drawing on wood, how do you prepare the surface, material, finishing etc. They look fantastic!