Friday, January 29, 2010


Finally here, the artworks I did for the past exhibition in December. My series was focused mainly on feminine characters. The illustrations were done originally with graphite and ink, then digitalized and the color finishing with Photoshop. Each artwork was printed on 70 by 100 cm on canvas. Feel free to leave your comments!


Finalmente, he aquí los trabajos que realizé para la pasada exhibición en Diciembre. Esta serie estuvo enfocada principalmente en el desarrollo de personajes femeninos. Las ilustraciones fueron hechas originalmente con lápiz de grafito y tinta, luego digitalizadas y coloreadas en Photoshop. Cada trabajo fue impreso en lienzo de 70 por 100 cm.


Félix León said...

I really liked the melancholy in your characters.

Sasan said...

Nice work, and they look even better in real. My favourites are the bloody hearts :-)

Indigene said...

Whoa! These are fabulous! You should also check out the Enchanted Doll website!

sara ahmed fathi said...

realy amazing characters.
and smart coloring technics